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Looking for a Chicago Buyer’s Agent to guide you through the home buying process? You’re certainly in the right spot! Whether you’re a first-time home buyer; an empty nester, or looking to upgrade from your current home, finding the best agent to work with can be an overwhelming process.

To help give you peace of mind, we’ve pulled together everything you need to know when selecting a buyer’s agent and advocate for your home buying journey.

So, let’s dive in–shall we?

What is a buyer’s agent?

First thing first – what is a buyer’s agent, and why do you need one?

The home buying process is something best navigated with a trusted professional by your side. Your buyer’s agent (aka, realtor) will guide you every step of the way–from helping your narrow down a long list of possible neighborhoods to the one that is a best fit for you; to scouting out the perfect properties (and if she’s a good agent–getting you into the best ones before they even hit the market.) to making certain that the transaction goes smoothly.

She’ll be a fierce advocate to negotiate the best deal terms possible, and she will know Chicago’s neighborhoods inside and out. Once you’ve found your dream home, she’ll guide you through the inspection, attorney review and mortgage approval process, and and go above and beyond to make sure you’re comfortable and in-the-know at every turn.

In other words, she’s the quarterback – ensuring that every professional on your team does their job, meets every deadline and ensures a successful closing.

One of the most important steps in the home buying process is securing the mortgage. As important as finding the ‘perfect fit’ agent is finding the right lender. As the top individual agent for @properties Chicago, one of the services I offer my clients is an introduction to two of our city’s top mortgage lenders.

Do I have to pay the buyer’s agent a commission?

Generally no, the seller pays the brokerage fee. In the Chicago market the seller signs an agreement with the listing brokerage firm who then offers commission to the buyer’s agent. The fee or commission is factored into the list price and final sale price of the home.

My brother’s best friend is a realtor – shouldn’t I just go with him?

You definitely can, just make sure to do your homework! Not all agents are created equal  especially in a complicated market like Chicago, where the neighborhoods are constantly changing.

Another thing – experience matters. There is no replacement for the knowledge that an experienced buyer’s agent acquires over the years. An experienced realtor will have worn many hats that extend far beyond representing buyers and sellers – they’ll have experience with general contracting, staging, and have long-standing relationships with builders and other industry professionals that will make your home-buying experience smooth sailing.

Another thing to consider – how available is your agent? If she learns about a counter-offer at 10pm, will she call you right away? If you find your dream home online and need to get in that day, will she be able to fit that in with her schedule? Does she have a team that can help you in case she’s unavailable? These are all important things to consider, especially in Chicago, where you need to act quickly or risk missing out on that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Does it matter what brokerage my buyer’s agent belongs to?

This is something that many buyers don’t consider, but should! There are many perks to working with an agent that belongs to a well-respected brokerage firm, such as @Properties, the #1 brokerage firm in Chicago! She will have a lot more resources at her disposal, including insider information on not yet listed properties; a large selection of inventory to show before the places hit the full market and a trusted network of support staff and peers to make certain the home buying process is as smooth as it can be to get you to the closing table.

What are my next steps?

If you’re actively searching for a buyer’s agent in Chicago, many will attest that Debra is the best of the best. (Click here to read her client testimonials!) With 34 years of experience and noted as a Top 50 Agent in Chicago, she prides herself on making what can be a stressful and emotional experience enjoyable and as stress-free as possible. Debra puts her clients first in every aspect of the process, and her clients say she is a fierce advocate, trusted advisor and when necessary, therapist.

Selecting a realtor to be your advocate and trusted advisor is an important decision. Click here to email Debra, or call her at 312-307-4909. She’d love to answer any questions you may have about the home buying process, how she works and what she can do to help you get started on finding your dream home!

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