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The Dobbs Report

Are you interested to know how the real-estate market in your neighborhood, street or residential building is doing? Are prices trending up or down? How many properties sold in the past month? What was the average closed sale price? Explore the interactive charts below or give me a call!

For a brief overview of how to use the interactive feature of The Dobbs Report as well as how to interpret the data results please scroll to the bottom of the page.


The Dobbs Report is an interactive dashboard that visualizes real estate transactions in an intuitive way, providing you with the tools to refine your search criteria to gain insights about the Chicago real estate market. In the first row, you will find a set of filters that you can use to select criteria to gather the data points that interest you most. The status filter allows you to filter transactions by their current status.

Please note this dashboard combines both active and off market transactions; because of this, different data points are used for each transaction type. For Active transactions we use Listing Price and Listing Date, while for off market transactions, we use Closed Price and Closed Date.

You can search by the following status types:

  • Active – Properties currently listed for sale. The Listing Price is used to display these listings on the graph ‘# of Properties by Price’. The Listing Date is used to display these listing on the graph ‘# of Properties by Month”.
  • Price Drop – Listings for which the Current List Price is less than the Original List Price.
  • Sale Contingent – Listings under contract that will close once the buyer sells their current home
  • Pending – Listings that are under contract and due to close.
  • Closed – Listings that have been successfully closed. For these transactions, the close date and price are used for all calculations
  • Canceled/Expired – Listings that did not sell and have been taken off the market by the homeowner.

The Street Number filter is useful when you want to look at all transactions within a particular building. This filter should be used in combination with Street Name, for example – 180 Pearson or 2550 Lakeview.

You will see Key metrics in the second row. Most of these are self-explanatory. ‘Last List Price % of Original List Price’ shows the percentage of the most recent list price from original list price, and indicates a price drop. ‘Sold Price % of List Price” shows the % of sold price off of the Original List price (not the Last List Price) and is available only for closed transactions.

The next row shows a set of pie charts to help you understand the structure of the market. Please note that charts also act as a filter, you can click on any data point, and the entire dashboard will re-calculate to show data only for that specific segment. If you want to see all the data again, just click on the same data point again.

The last row displays charts that group listings by Zip Code, Price and Month. As previously noted, Closed Price and Closing Date are used for closed transactions and Listing Price and Listing Date are used for all other statuses.

Please note that we refresh the dashboard periodically so it does not represent the most recent data available at all times. The goal is to show market trends. If you would like to get market analysis/comp with the most recent data, please contact Debra.


*Currently we analyze data since January 2018, but you will notice that there are some transactions with earlier Closed/List date on Properties by Date chart. These are older transactions that either have been updated in 2018 or are still active even though listed much earlier. In the not too distant future, we plan to add data from previous years to provide a longer view at market trends.

*Not for resale. Not meant to substitute for a real estate professional market analysis. Not meant to be used by other real estate professionals, this service is provided solely to clients and potential clients of Debra Dobbs to provide an understanding and overview of current market conditions.