Debra Dobbs

DEBRA is the General of The Dobbs Group and a committed workaholic with a quirky, playful side, though when it comes to her clients, she is a fierce warrior. Debra enjoys selling real estate and helping people buy their dream homes. When she can’t work, she enjoys growing fig trees, making Wacky Girl Margaritas, and watching movie marathons while snuggling with her daughter Kat and their 3 playful doggies, Winston, Tapper, and Stella.

KATE – adaptive, organized and focused, Kate has been in the real estate industry since 2009. With a focus in the West Loop, South Loop, Lincoln Square, North Center, and Gold Coast neighborhoods, Kate brings her patience, tenacity, and empathetic communication skills, to each and every client. Kate’s background in marketing, project management, and customer service offers her a unique perspective to provide clients with grounded, thoughtful advice and first-class customer service. Kate is fluent in English and Bulgarian, and loves yoga. (Read More)


KATHARINE Dobbs is continuing the family business by joining her Mother’s team. Growing up in Chicago, accompanying Debra to countless showings as a youngster, and a knack for identifying up and coming neighborhoods has given this gal a leg up in beginning her career in real estate. Katharine focuses on Lincoln Park, Gold Coast, and Streeterville. When she’s not working, you’ll find her sailing along the lakefront, cooking up a storm, or planning her next weekend getaway.

ISABELLE, with a robust background at Goldman Sachs and Moody’s Analytics, transitioned to real estate, leveraging her extensive sales and finance expertise. She’s a dynamic and driven professional known for infusing fun into client interactions and consistently achieving excellent results for home buyers and sellers. Isabelle works and resides in Lincoln Park. Beyond work, Isabelle is a dedicated mom to two children, an avid Steelers fan, enjoys golf, travel, and documentaries, and prefers crunchy Cheetos. (Read More)

IZABELLE is a Chicago native, born and raised in North Center. A marketing alumn from Northern Illinois University, Izabelle has used her business savvy skills to take on the role of Director of Operations at The Dobbs Group. When she is not managing client relations, projects, and marketing, you can find her at the lake front enjoying a jog. Izabelle loves yoga, art, and spending time with her tight knit family. The oldest of 4, Izabelle is the manager you want on your team.

EVA is the yang to Debra’s yin (or perhaps it’s the other way around?) and can be best described as a night owl and a Coca-Cola addict. She’s responsible for all things beautiful in The Dobbs Group’s operations, including this website. In her spare time, she loves art, especially welding large metal sculptures. As an avid sci-fi reader, it’s no surprise that her latest passion is AI. Eva is also proudly owned by a British Blue cat named Edward.

MICHAEL is our SEO and internet wizard, master gardener, amazing chef and trouble genius. Also happens to be my brother. Michael spends 3 months in Chicago every year and is really the work-horse when it comes to making Limoncello, Spresatta and Giardinera, while his sister takes all the credit.

LYUBKO is our trusty operations consultant and founder of He helps with choosing and integrating all of our tech tools and data needs. He has masters degrees in International Economics, International Business, and Organizational Communication. Lyubko is passionate about environmental protection and usually bikes to all our meetings. He is also an avid snowboarder, skier, kite-boarder and future sailor.

We are a group of passionate animal lovers! WINSTON, TAPPER, and STELLA, our team mascots, bring smiles to our faces and make sure we rest and enjoy our beautiful city. These playful and energetic pups love long walks in the park, naps, shopping for dog treats, and watching Law and Order with Kat and Debra.