Hello, I’m Debra. Welcome to my Rental Services page!

Debra Dobbs | Realtor
Debra Dobbs

Chicago is a city with seventy-seven different neighborhoods and countless rental options. Today, even with the most advanced digital/mobile search applications, an agent can be a key team member to assist in finding that ideal property in such vast landscape. We have the realty experience and the client service know-how to ensure the process is not only one that is seamless, but one that is positive. Before crossing the threshold of your potential new home, we want you to have a prepared confidence for each listing.

Do you have questions about the rental process? Call or email me anytime, and here are some frequently asked questions, and answers based upon years of experience helping clients find a fantastic apartment:

&Q: Why should I choose an apartment realtor?
A: As your personal agent, I can provide a thorough client-centered experience with thoughtful attention to detail. We are truly passionate about what we do and go well beyond the basics.

&Q: Do I need a real estate agent when renting?
A: As a renter, there are no requirements regarding working with a broker or navigating the market on your own. However, working with a top level agent will ensure you get the best price and deal terms. Our project checklist for the rental process includes forty-five (yes, forty-five!) items. From start to finish, it includes the viewing of properties to signing the lease. We take great care in helping you to complete an application that is pitch perfect, ensuring your application is accepted straight away and thus, your spot is reserved.
We will also compile these documents for the client with the cover page, lease and appropriate recycling disclosure. The recycling disclosure is newly implemented as of January 2018.

&Q: Do I have to pay my rental agent?
A: Typically, an agent is paid by the landlord or leasing office. The agents on either side of the deal will split the commission. In a situation where the landlord does not have an agent he or she will generally pay the tenant’s realtor one half of one month’s rent as commission.

&Q: How many upfront costs will I pay for renting?
A: In general, a tenant in Chicago will pay an application fee (ranging from $50 to $200), first month rent, and one month security deposit. Some landlords charge an extra deposit for pets and for additional occupants. Often times, these terms are negotiated by the agent on behalf of the renter (We, of course help with this!)