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This lovely neighborhood is situated in the northwest part of Chicago with Irving Park Road dividing into two perfect halves with, you guessed it, Portage Park nestled at the extreme center.

The area is notable for its Six Corners outdoor shopping district, centered at the intersection of Irving Park Road, Cicero Avenue and the diagonal Milwaukee Avenue. The Portage Theater is landmark beacon and a throwback to the 20s era (opened in 1920). It was recently reopened launching redevelopment, beautification growth plans for the neighborhood.

After catching a show, check out some of some of the establishments Portage Park has to offer. For a coffee and a nosh check out the Perkolator, a little retro 90s era coffeeshop. Or if you are in the mood for savory, sweet pierogies and blintzes all wrapped up (Get it?) in a log cabin aesthetic head to Smakosz (pronounced Sma-koesh). Not to be outdone, the Irish have a watering hole, the SIx Penny Bit, that has live entertainment while you enjoy a pint.

So you know a little bit about the area and you know a few of the establishments, are you up for a Portage Park quiz?

When the Portage Park Theatre first opened, what was the seat capacity?
A) 1,245
B) 1,938
C) 780
D) 3,000
Answer: B. The theatre was also built for film vs. “vaudeville” style as the world began to embrace a new format of entertainment

One of the parks in the neighborhood is called Chopin Park. It was named after Frederic Chopin, a famous Polish:
A) Journalist
B) Politician
C) Pianist/Composer
D) Chemist
Answer: C. Frederic Chopin was a Pianist/Composer. It’s debatable but his most notable work is Nocturne op.9 no. 2. You’ve heard it in Movies, TV shows. Trust us…. Go ahead and listen.

A hot dog stand staple in Portage Park is Jeff’s Red Hots. A classic Chicago Hot Dog has a dash of what as a special ingredient?
A) Parmesan cheese
B) Paprika
C) Oregano
D) Celery Salt
Answer: D. The Chicago Hot Dog has a dash of celery salt… Among many, many other things. 🙂

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