Humboldt Park on the Westside of the city manages to combine both the vibrant and the tranquil with its fantastic social scene and lovely water views. The Boathouse Café is a particularly great destination, serving traditional American cuisine combined with wonderful, healthy options (and great coffee!). The setting is gorgeous and I would recommend dinner at Sunset.
Did you know that Humboldt Park isn’t even in Humboldt Park, the park’s location is actually in west Wicker Park?
To borrow a headline from Joel Reese, “Puerto Rican culture, historic bars and retro bakeries collide in this bustling neighborhood.” Among my favorites are Roeser’s Bakery, The California Clipper and Richard’s Fabulous Finds. As a side note, Humboldt Park was named after Alexander von Humboldt, even though he never visited Chicago during the one occasion that the famous, German naturalist was actually in the United States. However, his namesake park is a 219 acre gem! If you’re looking for more information on the Humboldt Park neighborhood, or a realtor to guide you through the various real estate options the area provides, I’d love to talk with you!

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