The Belmont Cragin neighborhood is located on the northwest side of Chicago approximately 8 miles from the Loop. To the immediate west of Logan Square, the neighborhood gets its name from the northern boundary of Belmont Ave. and the Cragin Brothers who established the town in the mid-19th century.

Known for its well-kept bungalows, real estate is affordable in the area. As a welcoming diverse neighborhood with a proud history and proximity to the surrounding Chicago areas, its real estate is in high demand.

The area is very community-centric with residents that enjoy living as well as working in Belmont-Cragin as small business owners. Parks, such as Cragin Park located at Fullerton and Central, host events and community gatherings as well as sports league teams.

Mexican food is hot with several taquerias and cocinas touting their south of the border cuisine. Go to Minna’s for their homemade tortillas. They also make salsa “de cero.” Belmont-Cragin is like many other Chicago neighborhoods with its diverse fare. Head to Lutnia for a fine dining night of Polish entrées.

So you know a little bit about the area. Are you up for a Belmont Cragin quiz?

Traditionally, tortillas are made on what type of cookware?
A) Plancha
B) Comal
C) Dutch Oven
D) Spit
Answer: B. A comal is a smooth, flat griddle typically used in Mexico, Central, and parts of South America

For one season in 1967, the Belmont Cragin neighborhood had Chicago’s only ski resort. The resort had three runs and topped out at 285 feet… the tallest vertical drop of any resort within 200 miles. What was it called?
A) The North Branch Resort
B) Chicago Ski Authority
C) Snow Valley
D) Thunder Mountain
Answer: D. Thunder Mountain. The resort had three runs and topped out at 285 feet… the tallest vertical drop of any resort within 200 miles.

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