Interior Design Trends for 2020

Trends… such a simple word that causes so much angst. Deb, what’s the latest paint color? Will this tile look attractive to a buyer if I need to sell in 3 years? I hate grey and white; what’s wrong with beige?

Segovia Red and Oriental Silk were hot in the 1990’s. Cherry flooring was replaced by wide plank white oak. Flat panel, white, euro-style cabinets Grey Owl, Dior Grey and Super White have been ‘The’ look for what seems like a decade. Look out for First Light (pink!) and Mississippi Mud (chocolate brown!) to replace grey and white for the color trends of 2020.
Moral of the story…today’s grey is yesterday’s Segovia Red. If we need to refresh those lime green walls when you go to sell a few years from now it’s just a coat or three of paint. Create a nest that you love and trends be damned.

If you are looking for some inspiration, I have gathered intel from my designer friends:





  • Vertical gardens allow you to bring lots of foliage into your home, take nearly zero floor space away, and bring tranquility

Photo credits: Positive Image,, wikipedia