Senior-Friendly Technologies That Connect Older Adults and Their Loved Ones

Is your senior loved one thinking about a move to or from Chicago?  As we age, our needs change.  While physical and healthcare needs come to mind, emotional well-being is just as important. This makes it necessary for loved ones to make an effort to stay connected. Thankfully, modern technology has made this not only possible, but so much easier, providing a level of comfort to all.

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Invest in user-friendly devices

It’s undeniable how tech devices have shaped the world. Gadgets make life so much easier and convenient in a variety of ways, and this is also true with aging. In fact, CNBC notes there are some really great devices that are specifically designed to help seniors live healthier and happier lives.

The ubiquitous mobile phone is definitely a must for everyone, especially seniors. Not only is it a gadget that allows for easy communication, but it can also perform other valuable functions for safety, comfort, and even entertainment. Note that older adults usually don’t need flashy features. Rather, the best phones for seniors should have simple interfaces, bigger buttons and controls, and good-sized displays.

Wearable tech like smartwatches and fitness trackers also offer amazing benefits to seniors—maybe even more so compared to younger, more active people. As activity trackers, these devices can help motivate seniors to move and essentially follow a healthier routine. Best of all, some wearables also function as medical alert devices, which can be a real godsend for seniors with health concerns and, in turn, offer peace of mind to family and caregivers.

There are more senior tech trends that not only facilitate better communication between seniors and their loved ones, but also ensure their overall well-being, safety, and comfort. Case in point, smart home devices and voice assistants are starting to become more mainstream, making homes more accessible, especially for the mobility challenged.

Download apps that serve a purpose

These days, it can also be said that the world is powered by apps. And yes, there are countless apps that seniors and loved ones can use to stay connected. There are so many video-calling and messaging apps available. Lifehacker notes that it’s therefore wise to choose apps with easy-to-use interfaces that make communication a breeze for seniors. Many of these apps even come with accessibility features like being able to customize shortcuts and font sizes (to name a few), which add value for senior users.

Medical apps are also very useful for seniors and family members alike. There are apps designed to track essential vitals like blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels, which can be remotely accessed by caregivers and easily shared with doctors. Apps that help seniors stay on top of their medications are helpful, as well, and can be monitored by carers.

Apps that provide healthy diversions have been found to work well with seniors, too. Games, puzzles and the like are widely acknowledged to help enhance memory and keep the brain in tiptop shape. At the same time, older adults are better engaged and less bored and lonely.

Know the importance of a reliable connection

To make the most out of these amazing gadgets and apps, access to a strong and stable internet at home is needed. In order to participate in telehealth visits, contact emergency assistance, or even surf the web, a solid connection is a must. If things are shaky, consider an upgrade so seniors and those who care about them can rest assured.

Distance does not have to mean disconnected. There are a great many technological tools available that allow seniors and their families to stay connected, so take advantage of them to meet senior needs.

Written by Mary Shannon,
Photos by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels