Live Clean and Green with The Dobbs Group!

Our dear friends Alex Harris and Sandy Killion have researched some brilliant–and easy to implement– solutions to help us all be a bit more green and environmentally responsible in our everyday lives. Every little green step that we take now will help us and our loved ones continue to live #strongertogether on a greener planet for generations to come.


Greener than Tide pods, embrace Dropps’ zero emission dishwasher and laundry detergent pods. They are shipped to your door in recycled cardboard boxes. All work as well, if not better, than the usual detergent options out there.  Pro tip for the laundry detergent: purchase a box of the standard pods plus a box of the small load pods for when we occasionally do a smaller load. Also, read the instructions as Dropps pods work a bit differently… with sparkling clean results!

Grove Collaborative

The Grove Collaborative enables you to sign up for a membership that includes free shipping, but you don’t need a membership in order to shop Grove’s products. This e-collaborative sells all things health, household, and cleaning product related.  Heaps of stuff to choose from and delivered to your door! Easy. Plus they are “plastic neutral” and are moving to be plastic free in the next few years. Also, they have options for buying ‘concentrated’ cleaning products in order to cut down on large plastic disposable containers (e.g. concentrated window cleaner instead of buying a large plastic container each time it runs out). 

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Who Gives a Crap

Who Gives A Crap provides recycled toilet paper, paper towels and tissues delivered with zero plastic. Delivered to your door (however due to Covid they are totally sold out! and hopefully stock will be available soon).

Waste Not Compost

For a small fee, WasteNot Compost will deliver a compost bucket to your house and come to collect the full bucket! So, you don’t need to deal with doing the actual composting. Let the pros do the dirty part for you! The bucket is clean and has a tight fitting lid so zero smell. Note from Alex:  “We keep our compost bucket in the garage and a medium size container with a lid in the fridge. Once or twice a day, we empty the small container into the bigger bucket in the garage. We have 1 bucket that is collected once a week and costs $10 per week. Occasionally we need an extra bucket and it’s easy peasy to email and request an additional bucket for a small extra fee. It’s a small business and they are easy to deal with. Also, you can put a LOT into the bucket – check out the web site, but it includes all vegetables, meat, tissues, coffee – heaps of stuff. Despite a few small grumbles from the family initially, they all learned how the ‘system’ works quickly and there has been no more complaining! Composting is essential to reduce landfill waste and to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions. I looked at other options extensively, considered doing the compost myself, but the combination of the cost of setting up, and the time involved in composting myself, I decided this was the best option for our family.”


Lola is a customizable and flexible subscription service that offers feminine health products made with quality ingredients, customizable boxes and all the modern conveniences that are to be expected with organic tampons, pads, and sexual wellness products.


Supernatural makes our go-to green cleaning products. They come in small vials and you add water to the bottles. Their products come in concentrated, eco-friendly bottles that you mix with water for a cleaning solution. They smell absolutely divine. A favorite pick from the Dobbs Group is their counter cleaner solution, crafted especially for luxury granite countertops.


Some of Debra’s favorite cleaning products come from Shaklee, especially their Nature Bright Laundry Booster and Stain Remover and Basic H2 Organic Super . They even make cleaning products that are safe for your four-legged furry friends! Shaklee is one of the oldest and most respected MLMs out there. They were green before it was cool to care. According to Daniel Esty, Yale professor and co-author of Green to Gold, no other company is “doing more to make environmental stewardship part of its core business and its commitment to the public.”  In 2007, Shaklee was recognized for being the first company in the world to be Climate Neutral, certified to totally offset its CO2 emission to achieve a net-zero impact on the environment. Our family friend, Karen McNutt Wolfe is our go-to Shaklee rep. Visit Shaklee with Karen on Facebook: or visit Karen Wolfe Store.

Product Research Credit: Alex Harris and Sandy Killion

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