Josh Says: You Should Live In East Lakeview!

Are you considering a move to Chicago? Maybe you already live here but want a change of pace? East Lakeview I consider to be one of the most beautiful, convenient, diverse, and all around greatest neighborhoods in Chicago.

With a population of 2.7 million in the city proper, across 77 core neighborhoods, and 8.9 million folks if you include the surrounding suburbs, Chicago is huge! It feels a little less huge not being in the middle of everything, for me at least. I landed in East Lakeview 18 years ago and am in love. I have always been drawn towards the lakefront with its feeling of open space, miles of trails, and the views!! And also being a photographer, the views, wildlife, and people watching always have something to offer. For me, it is a wonderful feeling to walk a few short blocks to the Roscoe underpass at inner Lakeshore Drive to quickly access the lakefront.

East Lakeview really does have something for everyone. Broadway, Halsted, Clark, and Belmont Streets all have a plethora of culturally diverse restaurants, as well as lots of small mom and pop stores, and big box shopping as well. Belmont specifically has one of the largest small theater scenes in the country. One of the biggest draws is at Clark and Addison, and of course I am referring to Wrigley Field. Aside from the obvious draw of baseball, Wrigley Field and the surrounding area has also become a very large draw around the winter holidays as Wrigley Field itself in the past few years has hosted a smaller, more intimate version of the Christkindl market which is hosted in Gallager way from November 18 – December 31 each year. East Lakeview also has multiple grocery stores, bars, modes of public transportation, easy access to downtown, and every type of housing from high rises, mid rises, walk-ups, and single-family homes.

Lakeview has a long very interesting history of how it came to be, which we do not have time for now. For more on the history of East Lakeview, click here.

Josh Feeney

Photo of Marcel Maison, one of Josh’s favorite spots in East Lakeview and where you will find him working most every morning!