From Distraction to Traction

Little did we know that working from home has blended emotions of distractions and joy at the same time.  It is a constant tug between work + life. How can you balance all of this in one environment?  

Navigating professional work at home is filled with a myriad of distractions – managing family, keeping away from the refrigerator, home chores and it goes on and on.  There is no transition time to/from your home work space.  Think about it, there is no ‘opposite’ for the word distraction.  Yet, pull the negative (dis-) prefix away and ‘traction’ appears, reflecting movement and action! Gaining traction in a well-designed work space at home will minimize stress.  Yet, going it alone in designing a workspace for your home can be overwhelming.  

Where can you locate a space away from distractions?  How may it be camouflaged in your home environment? How big does it really need to be? How do you minimize physical pain from chairs not fit to sit for hours on end?  Where can you sit and fit?  It may be a closet, a nook, a corner of a space, or a full room.  It comes down to maximizing productivity so that your work space supports your balance:  work + home environment.   

Nicholai Studio can help you design just the right space for you through guided space therapy.  The process moves you through stress to productivity to create balance.  How your space is organized, decorated and furnished, to evoke feelings that offer emotional regulation. Together, we size up your surroundings, fix what is broken to create a work environment blended into your life.  A well-designed home work space can be a haven for traction control in your life!

by Neena Konon | Nicholai Studio
photos by Adobe Stock & Pixabay