Top Agent Magazine – Debra Dobbs

“Debra Dobbs is the REALTOR all buyers and sellers dream of finding. Born and raised in one of the 77 unique communities that comprise greater Chicagoland, Debra’s intimate knowledge of each neighborhood is frankly, unparalleled. Combine her detailed knowledge of The Chicago 77 with the fact that Debra has been a licensed real estate agent since 1984; has built several of her own homes; has gutted and renovated scores of properties; and also happens to be a “bear in negotiations”; it is perfectly clear why she is included in the top 1% REALTORS of Chicago. It’s also why Debra represents clients that date back to 1988!

What Debra brings to the proverbial table for her clients is invaluable. “I believe in providing luxury experience for each and every client across every price point” On any given weekend Debra will show variety of homes ranging from an entry-level point to multiple millions. Likewise, her listings range from multi-million dollar properties in Lincoln Park to entry-level price point in Chicago’s many emerging neighborhoods.

While many veteran agents are listing focused, Debra is passionate about working with both buyers and sellers and especially with first time homebuyers. “It is so rewarding to work with a buyer to find their dream home, and an added benefit to showing a wide variety of homes is the opportunity to see loads of inventory, which means I know the market well.”

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