Are you looking for a realtor in Chicago? Do you want someone with an intimate familiarity with all Chicago neighborhoods, who can listen to your needs and make suggestions that accommodate them? This is what your realtor is for – to listen to what you want and then draw on their knowledge and expertise in order to find the best housing fit for you! Or to sell your home quickly and at it’s maximum value!

Chicago has a wide and eclectic range of neighborhoods, and a good Chicago realtor will know exactly where to take you in order to accommodate your preferences and price range, and what it takes to attract your home to interested buyers.

Here’s a quick, but detailed, Q&A to help us assess your housing needs and find the best Chicago real estate agent for you! Don’t be afraid ask Debra exactly what you want, even if it sounds difficult to accommodate. We look forward to helping you find your Chicago realtor!

What Buyers want to know:

What is the neighborhood like?

A common question when house hunting is ‘how is the neighborhood?’. For real estate professionals, there are strict rules about what an agent can and cannot say about a neighborhood. But there is plenty a well informed realtor can share about a neighborhood, to help you find the neighborhood that is a match to your wish list. If you have a top Realtor when buying a home, you will receive all of the pertinent information to allow you to make an educated decision on the best neighborhood, and sub-neighborhood for you.

What sellers want to know:

What is the most important thing I can do to ensure my home sells?

Make sure your home is in line with the competition during the time listed. The market is constantly changing; properties are listed daily and hopefully selling just as often. Your agent should actively monitor the market to make sure your listing is positioned as it should be among competing listings. Next, first impressions matter! Staging is key, as is attending to any minor tune-ups; fingerprints on the wall, spider webs in the corners of the windows, stale smelling carpet, dirty screens, a garden that could be tended to by Morticia…

About Debra Dobbs

Here’s a short video to show you what you might be looking for in selecting a Chicago realtor. Since there’s a lot of choice, we want to make sure that we find the best possible realtor for you!

If you’re looking for a realtor in Chicago with an extraordinary knowledge of all the city’s neighborhoods, and the diverse capabilities of an experienced and talented agent, look no further than Debra Dobbs! Debra has a proven track record as one of Chicago’s top real estate agents.



&During my 40 plus years as a real estate professional I have renovated or built new 15 properties. I’ve also been involved in 50+ gut renovation or new construction projects as an agent or consultant or both.

&Put together the deal for the purchase of 12, 500 square feet of condominium units in Water Tower Residences then worked with the investor and design build firm to gut renovate the condo and bring the newly renovated homes to the market.

&Of the 77 community neighborhoods in Chicago I have actively visited and or sold in 45.  My goal is to visit all 77 neighborhoods.

&I stage homes and condos on behalf of my clients, working closely with a staging firm where I am intimately involved in the furniture and accessory selection and setup.

&I am able to identify what a property needs to add immediate equity through small design and home improvement projects.

&I work closely with a real estate tax professional to assist my clients in obtaining a reduction in the assessed value of their property, resulting in a consistent reduction on their property tax bills.  We have a near 100% track record in successfully appealing for assessed value reduction.

&I am able to cut through the ‘noise’ to zero in on the ideal property for a client.  Almost all of my client testimonials point to this ability and the positive impact this has on their home selection.


Debra has been a resident and realtor in Chicago for over 40 years! There is no one who knows the city better than her and, once she has helped you find you new home or sell your current one she can also give you a detailed guide to all the gems of your new neighborhood.

Contact Debra today!