Create an At-Home Haven to Recharge This Winter

A home should be a destination to recharge after a chaotic day of work, commuting, running errands or transporting kids around. It should serve as a retreat to help you feel nurtured and relaxed — not stressed from unfinished chores and to-do lists. Cultivating a calming space is the first step in creating an at-home haven that will help you recharge after the fast-paced holiday season.

Eliminate clutter

The more unnecessary paper, objects, piles and trinkets your home collects, the more stressful the atmosphere may seem. Kick off the new year by throwing out or donating items that no longer serve you.

Focus on order, not styling

Before styling your island, coffee table or book shelves, start with a blank canvas. Skip the photo shoot-worthy aspirations and focus on keeping the space clean and orderly to create a true haven.

Rely on calming colors

Select calming and relaxing paint colors like soft blues, pale greens and light grays. Compliment the colors by using accessories in comforting textures, such as cashmere, thick cotton, soft wool or plush fleece. If you need some additional color, incorporate throw pillows or blankets in a bolder color or pattern, sparingly.

Rethink the lighting

Wherever you can, rely on natural light sources. Leverage window treatments that allow for extra light to shine in, such as roman shades for uninterrupted light, or plantation shutters to offer slightly more privacy. For indoor lighting, ensure all light sources have the ability to dim when it’s time to relax.

Incorporate soft textiles

Position oversized baskets filled with thick, plush blankets next to the sofa and armchairs. Fill the sofas with textured throw pillows, and lay thick soft area rugs under foot in the living spaces.

Provide soothing sounds

Whether it’s a white noise machine or a go-to relaxation playlist, have a sound set to turn on after a long day. Creating a soothing sound ritual will encourage relaxation and help you unplug from the day.

Establish daily rituals

Small efforts such as making the bed or unloading the dishwasher before you leave the house in the morning can negate any anxiety that may result from a list of chores to tackle. Completing these two small tasks before the start of the day can help you feel mentally relaxed before you even arrive home.

Strategically select scents

Selecting the right scent can help you fully unwind. Whether you light a candle or diffuse your favorite relaxing oil, select the scent that best emulates a spa-like atmosphere.

Add personal touches

Display the items that have the most sentimental value, such as family photos, vacation memories, generational heirlooms or treasured knick knacks. A slowly designed, collected, layered home provides more of a haven to recharge in, than a house filled with the latest designer home collection.

Splurge on small touches

Splurge on the items that mean the most to you. Whether that is a luxurious candle, indulgent hand soap or high-end cooking oils, fill your home with the small touches that go a long way in creating a relaxing home.

Written by Deanna Kane for Compass.