Introduction: The Challenge

Situated on one of Lincoln Park’s premier tree-lined streets, 1845 N Burling is a custom home that was built especially for our clients who made 1845 their family home for 18 years. Originally listed by another brokerage firm, the home had been on the market for 6 months when the homeowner contacted me to discuss how I would position the home for a successful sale in such a difficult market.

Our Approach: Revamping the Marketing Strategy

My recommendations for transforming the listing included:

  • Paint touch-up
  • Light staging
  • New photographs
  • Video
  • Revamped brochure
  • Refocusing the marketing copy on the inherent construction quality of the home

By implementing these changes, we aimed to highlight the property’s unique features, extraordinary outdoor space, superb location, and overall quality.

Listing and Sale Timeline

We listed the home in February 2019, and despite facing the challenges of a tough market and a highly competitive real estate landscape, we were able to successfully secure a contract for 1845 N Burling, having it under contract by April 23.

The Perfect Buyers: A Family from London

We ultimately closed with a family that moved to Chicago from London and was renting in Lincoln Park at the time they first visited the house. They fell in love with the extraordinary outdoor space, superb location, and overall quality of the home and finishes.

Results: Sold in 79 Days

Our targeted marketing strategy and property enhancements led to the home being sold in just 79 days, when the average market time for comparable properties was 179 days. This case study demonstrates the power of a well-executed marketing plan in overcoming challenging market conditions and finding the perfect buyers for a luxury property.