Introduction: The Property and Its Unique Features

This custom-built home is situated on a 48’ wide lot in the northwest Lincoln Park area. The homeowner worked with JDL (Jim Letchinger, developer of numerous single-family homes as well as Number 9 Walton St) and consulting architect Dan Wheeler of Wheeler Kearns (recipient of numerous awards for his residential and commercial work). Expansive windows and multiple exposures are featured to allow natural light to flow into the home from morning to twilight. This contemporary home also features steel beams, brick walls, floating wood ceiling panels, and metal-framed windows, creating a feeling of sophistication and warmth while incorporating multiple design elements.

Our Objective: Drawing Luxury Home Buyers to an Unconventional Location

Our goal was to draw luxury home buyers to a section of Lincoln Park that is considered a bit off the beaten path. The enticement was the incredible construction quality of the home, the pedigree of the architect and builder, and the unique design of the home that allowed an interplay between the interior and exterior spaces.

The Outcome: Finding the Perfect Match

Over the course of a year, three offers were considered by the sellers. We ultimately closed with a family that fell in love with the home at first sight. Originally from New Zealand, they loved the modern design and connection between the interior and exterior spaces, which perfectly matched our clients’ preferences during their time at 1257.

Results: Sold for $2,600,000

Our targeted marketing strategy and focus on the unique qualities of the property successfully attracted the right buyers, resulting in a sale for $2,600,000. This case study demonstrates the power of a well-executed marketing plan in connecting luxury properties with the perfect buyers, even in unconventional locations.