Debra Walks Armitage Ave in Lincoln Park: A Love Letter to the Neighborhood She Calls Home

As I celebrate my 40-year anniversary as a real estate agent in Chicago and have called Lincoln Park my home for 21 years, I find myself reflecting on what makes Lincoln Park such a special place to live, work, and play. This vibrant community is filled with fabulous people, charming small businesses, and a unique spirit that makes life here truly wonderful.

Lincoln Park is more than just a neighborhood; it’s a tapestry of stories and connections. Two of my favorite shops are Lori’s Shoes and Art Effect (a fav place for gifts); we are all celebrating our 40 anniversaries! A newcomer to Armitage is Margaret O’Leary, another favorite shop of mine, where I often bump into my friend Alison, who lives around the corner. My daughter and I have eaten hundreds of breakfast sandwiches from CBA but who’s counting.

Walking up Armitage you can’t miss Don Pez Taco Cantino, one of my favorite places for the Halibut Ceviche, any taco, and their margarita (and some of you know what a margie snob I am). Summer Thornton just opened her design studio at the corner of Armitage and Dayton. Oj has been a neighborhood fixture on Armitage for as long as I can remember, selling Streetwise and watching that your car doesn’t get ticketed when you run in for a coffee or quick stop at Walgreens, greeting everyone with a smile.

Maison Parisienne is a welcome new addition to Armitage and is now open for dinner; they serve a delish beef bourguignon. And I can’t forget Spa Spazio where every week I can usually scare up a friend in the ‘hood to join me for a mani-pedi. It’s these small, cherished spots, local gems, and familiar faces that add so much character to our place in the heart of Lincoln Park. Every day I am reminded of how special life is here.

Lincoln Park isn’t just where I work; it’s where I live and thrive. Here’s to many more years of enjoying all the wonderful things this magical neighborhood has to offer. This must be the place…my place!