Case Study: Turning Challenges into Triumphs – Selling a Condo in a Rezoned Flood Zone

Kate Penkova
Story written by
Kate Penkova


Achieve a successful sale in a crowded market without breaking the bank.

The Background

Our client faced an uphill battle. Their condo was in a building recently rezoned to a flood zone, raising red flags for potential buyers. To make matters more challenging, the market was flooded with similar units for sale. With a tight budget, we needed a creative plan to make this condo shine.

The Hurdles

  • Intense Competition: The building had many units up for grabs, making it crucial to stand out.
  • Flood Zone Label: The new designation brought fears of risk and higher insurance costs.
  • Small Budget: Major renovations were off the table due to financial constraints.

Our Game Plan

To tackle these obstacles, we adopted a strategy centered on smart, affordable upgrades and stellar client support:

  1. Affordable Makeovers:
    • Sprucing Up: We focused on impactful yet inexpensive fixes like deep cleaning, decluttering, and minor repairs.
    • Aesthetic Boosts: Simple changes made a big difference—fresh paint, modern light fixtures, and stylish staging created a welcoming vibe using pieces of their own furniture to show the space, as buyers are always challenged with figuring out how to utilize the space if the home is vacant. Keep in mind, less is more! We chose a neutral color scheme for the kitchen countertops and classic subway white tiles to keep it contemporary.
    • Spotlighting Features: Our marketing zeroed in on the condo’s natural light, efficient layout, and any standout features that set it apart.
  2. Savvy Marketing:
    • Professional Photos: Eye-catching photos made the condo pop online.
    • Engaging Listing: We wrote a compelling, honest description that highlighted all the recent upgrades and the condo’s unique appeal.
  3. Clear Communication and Buyer Confidence:
    • Transparency: We provided upfront details about the flood zone status, tackling concerns head-on.
    • Regular Updates: Our client was never in the dark—we kept them informed every step of the way.
    • Ensuring Comfort: When a cash offer came in, we made sure the buyer felt secure by promptly providing all requested information and support.

The Outcome

Our strategic tweaks and thorough communication paid off. Despite the initial hurdles, the condo attracted a cash offer, and we guided both the client and the buyer smoothly through to closing. This case highlights how even the toughest challenges can be overcome with creativity and a client-first approach.