Introduction: A Challenging Start in a High Demand Market

Located in the heart of Lincoln Park, this 2 bedroom-2 bathroom condo was home to long-term clients of ours. With the spring market experiencing high demand, we listed this vacant home for $650,000, expecting buyers to be enticed immediately. However, after several showings, we had no offers.

Our Approach: Professional Painting, Staging, and Photography

We recommended having the home professionally painted and staged to enhance its appeal. After the transformation, we had new, professional photos taken, and the home looked absolutely amazing! Fortunately, we had already found the sellers a fantastic home just around the corner and were able to comfortably settle them into their new home before selling their previous one.

Results: Sold at the Asking Price

After the painting and staging, we received a full-price offer from the very first showing. The improvements made a dramatic difference in the buyer’s perception of the home, demonstrating the impact that professional painting and staging can have on the success of a property sale.